EnRoute provides a huge variety of solutions for our customers.
High capable UAV, capable of surveying, inspection, observation, security, environmental research, agriculture, etc.
EnRoute have a specialized UAV for every purpose.


Bridges need regular inspections to ensure stability and safety.

Detailed inspections are expensive and they take a lot of time and effort.
Using a UAV reduces the costs and inspection in a significant way. In a emergency case like an earthquake, the UAV can do a fast inspection without putting the operator or material in danger.

・Automatic navigation UAV
・Joystick type simple control BOX
・Infrared camera or reflex camera
・Small camera (for remote control)

・Wired or LiPo Battery powered UAV
・Image processing unit


Landslides are caused by torrential rain. To evaluate the disaster and develop a consequent recovery plan, it’s really important to have precise information of the localization, damage and actual situation.

The evaluation can be done by humans, but it can take a lot of time. A helicopter is also a good option but it’s really expensive. The UAV can do the same job by creating a 3D model of the affected area in a short period of time. It can be also used in cases with flood damage, volcanic damage, or similar cases where a initial evaluation need to be fast and precise.

The UAV is always fast and precise. With a simple objective, help the operator.

・UAV with GPS module
・High resolution camera for the 3D mapping.

· 3D rendering software
· Satellite communication (GPS)
· Real-time video transfer


Fast response time is really important in a rescue mission.

River floods, muddy streams are dangerous situations, where even the rescuer can become a victim.
The UAV can perform rescue tasks without putting human life’s in risk.

The delivery of a a rescue float can be done in a short amount of time, to ensure the survivability of the victim.

・UAV with GPS module
・Thermal camera
・Real time video streaming

・Rescue control system


Long sky survey is sometimes a requirement.

The combination of the Berg 700 (ground vehicle) and a cable powered UAV allows the “Drone” to stay in the air for long periods of time.
The Berg 700 carries the batteries and power the drone over a cable.

For a sharp and stable image, there is an optional UAV gimbal module.
The recorded image is transmitted over the cable to the Berg 700, which have a video transmitter (using 3G/4G or LTE) that communicates with the control center.

The control center is able to see the image in real time. (The image can also be transmitted to phones or tablets.)

The berg 700 can follow a path or way-points, it uses a special object recognition software that allows him to avoid objects in his path.

·UAV with GPS + gimball (cable powered unit)
·BERG 700 with backup batteries + real time video image module (3G/4G/LTE)

·Cable powered UAV
·Real time object avoidance system
·Video transmission technology over 3G/4G/LTE


A warehouse is always hard to manage, stock is always coming in and out.
Control the stock with a database can be a really hard task.

For example, a truck arrives with a lot of different parts.
It needs to unloaded and review/count all the parts. After add into the database and last one, leave the stock in the right place.

EnRoute offers the solution to accelerate all this by using a BERG 700 unit with a RFID reader.
RFID technology is able to read all kinds of information, even at the distance, speeding up everything.

The ability to mount a RFID reader on a BERG 700 (Ground vehicle) and program it, that if a truck comes in, it scans the inside, and sends the information directly to the database and to the personal. Out going stock will be done in the same way. Time is reduced considerably.

The same reader can be mounted into a UAV, after scanning the UAV is able to send the RFID information to the ground station.
That makes things even simpler, being able to control and manage wider areas of stock.

·RFID reader
·Autonomous ground vehicle
·Autonomous aerial vehicle

・Material management database
・Material mapping system


EnRoute offers the ability to use UAV for all kinds of situations like; concerts, movies, aerial photography or events.
Using a UAV always reduces costs and time. EnRoute offers a solution for every case.

・Autonomous UAV with GPS technology
・Ground satiation with Joystick type control box
・Different types of mounts for reflex cameras
・Live stream image

·Wired/LiPo UAV with GPS technology
·Automatic subject tracking software


Agricultural support by using a UAV.

The UAV can equip different type of sensors (i.e. chlorophyll levels) to ensure the quality of the soil/plants.
All the collected data is transmitted to the ground station for further review.
If it’s necessary the operator can create/elaborate an action plan.

The UAV helps and improves the parameter of the field, allowing the maximum quality and profit.

Spraying with the UAV is a simple task. Flying at low altitude, the spraying can be easily controlled. UAV are suitable for all kinds of complex terrain even with height variations. Precise and accurate crop spraying ensures the best coverage and application of the fertilizers or pesticides.

·Automatic navigation type multi-rotor
·Pesticide spraying type multi-rotor
·And visible light camera
·And growth sensor

Agriculture UAV with GPS


Recently air pollution and radioactive substances have been identified as environmental problems, the majority are caused by chemicals such as the PM2.5.

The pollution measures and the understanding of the current situation is really important.
The UAV can be equipped with a variety of sensors, that ensures the collection of all that data.

Next step is to analyze and record the changes of the measures, our software allows to collect and review all that data in a simple way.

・Automatic navigation type multirotor
・Dust sampler

·Multi-node telemetry