Agricultural UAV, specialized in pesticides.

The Zion AC940D is a lightweight UAV.
“Small sized”, capable off doing every task, powerful and efficient.
Can be transported by one operator.
The UAV is agile and can operate in places with complex shapes or obstacles.
Auto take off and landing makes it really easy to operate.

High efficiency motors with top quality bearings for a smooth operation.
Latest GPS and gyro technology for a stable flight.

Speed limitation over GPS (Can be turned ON/OFF)
Battery level indicator, can be triggered over the transmitter.
When using the UAV, the pump will always make a little bit of noise.

AC 940-D

Fast and efficient, 1 hectare in about 9 minutes.
Perfect irrigation, even in manual mode with the “hold on altitude” feature.
Advanced GPS and high tech motors fir a stable and smooth flight.
Lightweight UAV, only 5,4Kg (tank & pump included).
5 Liter tank, easy to refill.
Battery warning level, can be adjusted over the transmitter.

Size: 999mm
Weight: 4,5Kg (with spry unit 5,4Kg)
Standard payload weight: 6,9Kg (with batteries)
Propeller diameter: 18 inches
Tank capacity: 5 liters
Motor: Zion5828-340KV
The maximum discharge capacity: 1 Liter/minute
Battery: 2x Zion 6S 5300mAh (99Wh)

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